The title of this page is taken from “The Perfect World”, a song that was used as the ED for Spice and Wolf 2 , which thematically related to how in that series Lawrence and Holo were heading towards a wonderful land which may have no longer even existed. I chose to use this lyric as my page name because I related it to how we as humans use fiction as a means of fulfilling our own standards of perfection. And fiction is ultimately what this blog is about. This admin is indeed fascinated with all forms of fiction, film, books, comics, video games. But though these other forms of fiction are likely to get their own mentions in the reviews and retrospectives that I write for this page, the one that I imagine will take up most of the blog’s space however will be Animation, since I find this art form more than any other able to encapsulate the possibilities and imagination which we as human beings are capable of, and which we as audiences perhaps collectively cling to as it’s most endearing because of it.